Feb 27 2015

Walk 1000 Miles Update Feb.27th 2015


The early morning “workout walks” continued through the last of January and into February. The dark mornings make things hard enough but throw some snow into the mix and things become a little harder! Two major snow falls early in Feb really put the kibosh on proceedings, that stuff really slows you down.

During these wintery spells distance was halved and on a number of occasions, especially when the snow was compacted, walking was abandoned altogether. Wanting nice clear mornings so I could increase the distance, a different approach was needed! Once the snow had gone I moved my start time to a little later in the morning to make use of the growing daylight. So 6.00am became 6.15am. This meant that it would be lighter in certain areas on my planned route, and 2 miles in the morning became 3 miles before breakfast.

The First 100

The snow, no large weekend walks during February, and a long weekend away canoeing has really dented my efforts. Bagging the first 100 miles has been slow. But today, this morning, saw me stretch things out a little and a four mile effort took me to my first century. I was somewhat elated  as I rushed to get ready for work.


Lighter Mornings

Now the lighter mornings are truly with us, and with this I hope to push a little more. Being able to experience the early spring mornings is the one thing I am looking forward to the most, and hope this spurs me on a little. Early morning sunrise, birds dawn chorus, and as time moves on the springtime growth should make for a more enjoyable experience.


Stats so Far

Total Mileage………….. 100

Early Morning Workout Walks………. 24

Larger Day Walks…………………………. 2

Best Single Day Mileage………………. 11.5

Total Height Gain………………………….. 16,414ft

Walking with the Wounded

Remember I am challenging myself to walk 1000 miles in 2015 as a personal challenge but also as a means to raise a little money for “Walking with the Wounded” . Please donate by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. Any amount big or small will be gratefully received.


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  1. Dan faust

    Congratulations on the century mark. Now on to the next!

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