Apr 19 2015

Walk 1000 Miles Update Apr.19th

I wanted to start this update with some high mileage bench-mark celebration news, but alas this is not the case! Walking 1000 miles in one year is not as easy as it first appears. Dogged with severe bouts EDD (Enthusiasm Deficiency Dis-order) aka. “can’t be arsed”, I have recently found it hard to keep the ball rolling so to speak, and falling further behind leaves me wondering whether I’ll be able to make up the deficit or indeed, whether I will complete the challenge at all! I know it’s still early days but one thing I have noticed is, once you set yourself a target to achieve within a certain time frame; time its self seems to fly by.


Following the Invisible Man. Snow returns briefly in early March

Enough of this despondency…Get a grip Nige!

It has been a while since my last update blog, having missed writing one for March. I suppose the big news for this one is my decision to include the mileage I cover simply walking to work. Country Walking Magazine the originators of the Walk 1000 Miles Challenge do encourage counting every step but, when I started I did not feel it worthwhile. However, on reflection and after a lesson in basic maths, the 1 mile to and from work will equate to a sizeable chunk of mileage on December 31st. so has to be included. Why I chose to initially ignore it is anybody’s guess!

On the upside, since the last update I have managed a couple of longer walks (blogs to follow) and with the lighter mornings now well established, I even stretched out the early morning walks to some 5 mile one before breakfast, but this I find hard to maintain. Maybe during this next period I’ll manage a few more. We’ll see!

Stats so Far

Total Mileage………….. 270

Early Morning Workout Walks………. 55

Larger Day Walks………………………….4

Best Single Day Mileage………………. 11.5

Total Height Gain………………………….. 31,972ft

Walking with the Wounded

Remember I am challenging myself to walk 1000 miles in 2015 as a personal challenge but also as a means to raise a little money for “Walking with the Wounded” . Please donate by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. Any amount big or small will be gratefully received.


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