May 02 2015

Simply Hike 2015 Blogger Awards


If you follow me or the Canoe and Trail-Outdoors Blog on social media then it might not have escaped your notice that Canoe and Trail has made the short-list  of nominations for the 2015 Simply Hike Blogger Awards, but it might have! So I thought I would pen a little post about it,  just so you can’t say you were not told.  Being nominated, to say I am ecstatic is an understatement. I am not talking about winning either! Just being nominated has made me really excited, knowing that there are a few out there that enjoy the blog! So thank you to all of those that put me forward for the awards.

Now the list for nominees is closed it is time for the voting to begin. There are six outdoor categories and Canoe and Trail is in the “Newbie blog” category (just making it easier for you to find it). There are some exceptional blogs alongside and I’m doubly proud to be included amongst them and wish them all the very best of luck! You can vote for one in each category or just your favourite (wink) blog.

To vote simply click on the button logo at the bottom of this post, select the category and click on your favourite blog via the drop-down menu, enter your email and that is it, way easier than the vote you will be making in a few days time!  But be quick, voting closes 31st May 2015.

Thanks for reading this post and taking the time to vote.





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