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Mar 07 2013

Review: True and Deep – by Jerry Vandiver (CD)

I like to credit myself with having very diverse musical tastes. I also like to think that those tastes are based on be able to recognised talent, both musically and lyrically. The artist or band for me does not have to fit in any particular mainstream genre, or in fact needs to be particularly well …

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Sep 30 2012

Review: Wilderness Pleasures – by Kevin Callan

This is the first book by Kevin Callan I have read, but is in fact the sequel to The Happy Camper. so why this one first, well a simple oversight at the time not realising or reading enough of the description on Amazon, and an urgent need for some more outdoor reading lead me to …

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Jul 10 2012

The Happy Campers Wilderness Quest

Once I had heard that Kevin Callan had released a feature length DVD a few months ago I knew that I had to buy a copy! Renowned for his very popular series of Happy Camper short films of canoeing, camping and hiking tips and advice. What makes Kevin’s films so unique is they all contain …

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Jan 02 2012

Review: The Fat Paddler – by Sean Smith

“My accidents have left me permanently in pain and there’s nothing that can be done about that. Some days it reaches terrible levels and I get grumpy and difficult to be around. Other days it’s manageable. Life goes on and I can either moan and groan or get on with it and look for the …

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Jul 31 2011

Review: Canoeing by Ray Goodwin

It has been four years in the making, but this only serves to guarantee that Canoeing by Ray Goodwin is a very worthy publication indeed, and well worth the wait. Using expert knowledge gained from some 35 years of canoe coaching experience, the author explains in detail all aspects of open canoeing for the modern day canoeist, …

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