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Nov 26 2014

SJ4000 Sports Cam ~ Preliminary Findings

If you follow me on Youtube, Facebook or Google Plus you will have seen me posting pictures of this new Sports Cam I have just brought, the SJ4000 by XCSource. well I thought I’d do a little blog on what my thoughts are, preliminary findings if you like. It is not however a review, a review …

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Mar 16 2014

Gear ~ Folding Firebox Stove

Early last year (2013) I was scouring the internet for the next, possibly needed but could probably do without, piece of equipment, an exercise we are all a little guilty of I expect. Not really looking for anything in particular when I happened upon a Youtube video titled “Hello world, meet FIREBOX, the amazing folding …

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Mar 19 2013

Kelly Kettle Repair.

One of my favourite pieces of kit is the Kelly Kettle and I have used and abused mine to the point where it has been leaking for some time, so it was high time I pay it a little attention and fix it; or at least try! The usual searching on the web for remedies …

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Oct 21 2012

DIY Condiment Pouch

A little while ago and I cannot remember where I saw it but one of the Bushcraft Facebook pages there was a tip to use Tic-tac mint boxes for a convenient way to store condiments in your kit; and I added one or two to my brew and cooking kit. Trouble was they tended to …

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Aug 21 2012

Convenient Drinks Bottle

Have you ever suffered “wandering drinks bottle syndrome” while out paddling? You know you put your drink bottle down and it rolls forward or backwards depending on trim and you end up fumbling about trying to reach it by attempting upper torso rotation and positions your body has never attempted or long since forgot. Usually …

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Aug 18 2012

The Brew Kit – What’s in Yours

English folk love tea it’s a known fact. We live on the stuff, consuming several mugs of tea a day, some folk cannot even think of starting the day without one. Deny an English person tea and you will have anarchy! The same has to be said about us canoeing folk too, we do like …

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Jul 14 2012

DIY Canoe Lashing Points

During my time spent canoeing I have had two cars now that have been devoid of a front lashing/recovery point and I do like my canoe secured at the front, especially on longer journeys! A few months ago I happened to be in a position that required another car and low and behold on inspection …

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Jul 01 2012

DIY Backyard Barrel Carrier

They are everywhere! Blue plastic barrels! Wherever you are if you are near anyone canoeing you will more often than not come face to face with the blue plastic barrel! Even watching a programme by a well known bushcrafter about Canada and the Hudson Bay Company where efforts to re-enact a voyageur portage what did …

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Apr 05 2012

Nice Rack!

I was reading elsewhere that it is not good to store your canoe paddles by standing them up in the corner of a room or shed, and that the hanging them up is by far the best storage option. Forever the Womble I sat thinking about what I could (re)use, that I had lying around, …

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Mar 25 2012

A Badger in the UK

Badger Paddles Sliver – Photo by Nigel Ayers The story begins about six months ago after following a link on Facebook to Badger Paddles, a Canadian company producing their own range of solid wood hand-crafted paddle variants. My first impression when seeing the pictures on their website was one of awe, they look so beautifully …

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