Jan 03 2016

Walk 1000 Miles 2015 Album

On January 1st 2015 I set out to challenge myself to walk 1000 miles in one year. Well after 312 days, most of the time dragging myself out of bed at some ridiculously stupid hour, wearing out two pairs of walking boots, and drinking some 170 litres of water and energy drink I have completed …

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May 02 2015

Simply Hike 2015 Blogger Awards

If you follow me or the Canoe and Trail-Outdoors Blog on social media then it might not have escaped your notice that Canoe and Trail has made the short-list  of nominations for the 2015 Simply Hike Blogger Awards, but it might have! So I thought I would pen a little post about it,  just so you can’t …

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Apr 30 2015

#Microadventure ~ Canoe Paddle and Sleepout

“Nige. Are you still going? I’ll be there for about 11.00am!” The Facebook message read at half past eleven on a Thursday night in April. I had shelved the original plan to be out canoeing and camping for this particular weekend sometime ago. Other things planned would mean only make one night of it, and having …

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Apr 19 2015

Walk 1000 Miles Update Apr.19th

I wanted to start this update with some high mileage bench-mark celebration news, but alas this is not the case! Walking 1000 miles in one year is not as easy as it first appears. Dogged with severe bouts EDD (Enthusiasm Deficiency Dis-order) aka. “can’t be arsed”, I have recently found it hard to keep the …

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Feb 27 2015

Walk 1000 Miles Update Feb.27th 2015

The early morning “workout walks” continued through the last of January and into February. The dark mornings make things hard enough but throw some snow into the mix and things become a little harder! Two major snow falls early in Feb really put the kibosh on proceedings, that stuff really slows you down. During these …

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Jan 18 2015

Walk 1000 Miles Update Jan.18th 2015

Well I have started! New Years day saw me out and about for my first wander to kick off my “Walk 1000 Miles” in 2015 challenge, a short local walk in the company of my eldest son Luke before he heads back to university. Local because we needed to be home in time for an …

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Jan 15 2015

Walk ~ Dovedale, Wolfescote Dale and Halldale

The first long walk of 2015, and with my new years resolution and personal challenge to walk 1000 miles in one year well underway sort of, I needed a biggy to raise the mileage a bit. It was time for me to put in a day walk! A few weeks ago, before Christmas, I walked a circular route exploring …

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Dec 30 2014

Be Sure to Follow Me

Just a few a few days to go before I kick off 2015 with my first wander in my bid to walk 1000 miles in one year, so I thought I would post some information on how you can follow my progress. I was going to post daily blogs but this would be too time …

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Dec 29 2014

Challenge Walk 1000+ in 2015

Canoe and Trail – Nige’s 1000 miles in 2015 Fundraiser: Nigel Ayers   My page: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/CanoeandTrailNige1000mile   Hi, thanks for visiting my page. A Little Intro Mid 2014 I weighed 19¾ stone! Around August I started walking 2 or 3 miles before work as a means of losing weight and to improve my fitness. Many years …

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Dec 23 2014

Walk ~ Lathkill Dale and Bradford Dale

I have spent summer days around the lower reaches of Lathkill and Bradford with the family but I had never explored them on a circular walk before. a walk that would take in the delights of two of the finest dales in the Derbyshire Peak District in their entirety. At a time of the year, …

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