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Mar 01 2014

Bannock – Back garden test.

This is not a recent thing, in fact I did this about two years ago! I had been meaning to try and bake a bannock in front of the Yukon fire-box for quite awhile at the time. The style of the Yukon lends itself perfectly for this style of cooking, with its open front, and …

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Oct 17 2012

Crusty Creations on a Wood-stove

Shropshire, on the bank of the River Severn the Severn House Camp-site at Montford Bridge was the venue for the 5th Annual Canoe with a View “End of Summer Meet”, and as this was to be a static camp, it allowed me to be a little more extravagant as to the equipment to take, namely …

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Sep 23 2012

Campfire Coffee

Coffee, proper camp-fire coffee made with ground coffee, but how to go about making some. I do have a very nice enamel “cowboy” style coffee pot that comes with its own percolator but this a little cumbersome to include in my paddling kit especially as I also carry a Kelly kettle too! Recently I spent …

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Sep 15 2012

Pesto Pasta and Sausage

This recipe I conjured up at home on one of the nights when my wife is working and I am left to feed the kids, and every time I do this I was always thinking how this would make a fine meal after a days paddling seeing how easy it is to prepare. Ingredients: 1 …

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