Apr 30 2015

#Microadventure ~ Canoe Paddle and Sleepout

“Nige. Are you still going? I’ll be there for about 11.00am!” The Facebook message read at half past eleven on a Thursday night in April. I had shelved the original plan to be out canoeing and camping for this particular weekend sometime ago. Other things planned would mean only make one night of it, and having …

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Oct 15 2014

CwaV “End of Summer Meet” 2014 ~ River Nene

My usual canoeing activities  are interspersed with arranging and attending the CwaV Canoe with a View forum meet-ups. At the beginning of October it is time for the annual “End of Summer Meet” or EoSM as it is fondly referred to. Over the years we have tried to arrange to be at a different venue, …

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Aug 24 2014

Summer on the Nene by Canoe

The middle of July a short-notice plan was hatched, a plan to paddle a part of the River Nene near Peterborough. Having missed out making the trip earlier in the year I was more than eager to make it this time, and it would be an excellent chance to paddle with my eldest son. Since Luke …

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Apr 22 2014

A Surlingham Pilgrimage

Early April and another trip to Norfolk to collect my son from university was to good an oppertunity to miss. You see I had planned that the next time I would make this trip that I would take a couple of days off prior and take the canoe this time and grab me some paddling …

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Mar 23 2014

Breakfast Paddle on the Caldon

  “Do I or Don’t I?” A last minute decision to go for a paddle left me no time to inform or invite others. So this meant I was alone, and with a  plan to be on the water early. Early mornings being my most favoured time to paddle, especially when it is somewhere as …

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Mar 12 2014

A Springtime Spruce Up Begins

If, like mine, your pride and joy spends its time off the water upside down outside in the back yard, and if, like mine your pride and joy has wooden gunwales, then you are no doubt one of the those that enjoys the unenviable task of the annual springtime spruce up, especially the cleaning, sanding …

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Feb 23 2014

A Broken Roof Rack and Demolished Tent

This blog post takes us back the the beginning of the year (2014), middle of February to be a little more precise. For a while now my canoeing year really starts with organising and attending the Canoe with a View (CwaV) “Frostbite” Meet in Norfolk. Previous years we have been treated to a veritable assortment …

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Sep 01 2013

A New Canoe.

Recently while suffering from the canoeing doldrums I opted to sell my beloved Apache Tribe canoe, and though she has served me well these past two years, I felt in need of a change. Do not get me wrong, the Tribe is a fine canoe! Fast in a straight thanks to its superb tracking abilities, …

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Apr 23 2013

Pimp my Yoke

I have spent the last few years pursuing an interest in the art of pyrography, the burning of patterns and images on wood. Mentioned in an earlier article, this interest was fired (sorry) by the discovery of Murat Vader’s paddle making blog, where along with his skill at producing his own paddles, he would often …

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Feb 24 2013

CwaV “Frostbite” – The Broads in Feb…Part 2

Slightly chilly to begin with this morning! My usual early get up had been provoked by feeling a little cold during the night ultimately leading to a desperate need to “pay a visit”; probably not helped by the beer consumed the night before either. Early morning jog to the lav dealt with I busied myself …

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